The Emirates Palace was the perfect setting for the global launch of Gold-to-go.  This luxury 7-star hotel and resort, the second only 7-star hotel next to the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, is a lavish destination where one can expect an enriching experience. Worth its weight in gold, ATM-- dispensing hard currency in the form of gold bars.... Read More
While in the final stages of developing The Ferrari branded theme park, there was much anticipation to meet the inaugural Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix deadline. Aldar Properties, Abu Dhabi's leading property development, management and Investment Company was in the driver’s seat to make it happen.... Read More


Bringing legacies and dreams to life Vancouver 2010. What makes the Olympics so magnificent, spectacular that it draws the world together focusing on the flame? A flame that was once a spark in the hearts of our Olympic hopefuls and through the years burned brighter, and through the days building up to the opening events its power and strength within communities near and far builds up to this moment.... Read More
Rook Media presents Latin America to the World 2015 -- Textile, Fashion and Food is about people...Culture at its fundamental base influencing design, colours and texture. Culture shapes the emergence of design and the richness and colours that entice the palate. A signature of each unique region. ... Read More

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What if you realized that the true key to satisfaction and success lies in the health of your brain?  What are those qualities that determine homeostasis and a balanced life?  The ability to maintain warm and enriched relationships, pursuing goal oriented success, a creative and happy mind, and the ability to enjoy life and relax enjoying life's all encompassing experiences and pleasures.  In v... Read More
With rare earth being categorized as elements of strategic importance by many countries including China, USA and Japan due to its special chemical and physical importance in hi-tech industries, concern is rising on controls to access and its impact on a country's capacity for technological innovation.  Australia emergence of a REE mining industry and soon to be REO producer status is changing t... Read More
Water, an essential resource for life, is still a deprived resource for many developing cultures.  Within the mining and development sectors, the uses of desalination processes are one of the solutions in providing drinking water.  Can technological advances provide more cost efficient solutions to access this blue gold and make its cost benefit provide greater access to deprived nations for he... Read More