Latin America to the World

Rook Media presents Latin America to the World 2015 -- Textile, Fashion and Food is about people...Culture at its fundamental base influencing design, colours and texture. Culture shapes the emergence of design and the richness and colours that entice the palate. A signature of each unique region. 

Through the discovery of design, fashion and food we reveal the cultural influences through the stories of the local people and with this geographic backdrop we learn about the beauty of each region, identifying each unique culture as a luring destination experience.

This trade show, conference and series of events complement a unique business to business platform. Through various opportunities to experience the culture, an understanding of the presentation's value is gained. Experiencing the marketplace extravaganza, Fashion Design Competition, Culinary Destination Experience and Chef Challenge, we embrace the brand that is Latin America defined by the culture from which the essence of design and great food originate. When you think of Latin American goods or services you cannot separate the culture as it is an integral signature to the brand.

Latin America to the World is the ambiance, colours and essence of life in Latin America, a signature of the brands evolving out of Latin America. A feature platform for Culture, food and excellence.

To be unveiled soon, Latin America to the World 2015 is at Toronto's premier events venue in the city. The event is fully accessible by all transit services including taxi and limousine services, with ample parking available.

Join Canada's largest showcase of Latin American foods, fashion and culture attracting a most sophisticated clientele venturing to experience gastronomic experiences as part of their lifestyle.  This influential group of consumers is well informed and highly selective in gastronomy to satisfy their refined palate through unique destination experiences.

As we will be showcasing designers from Latin America, featuring Gourmet Cuisine with Celebrity Chefs from Latin America, with lively entertainment, cutting edge in design and gastronomy will make this event a must attend cultural luxury platform to be explored.


Toronto, Canada November 27-30 2015

Target Audience:

This event attracts a well traveled and informed clientele, trendsetters that influence the fashion and culinary creations in the industry towards excellence and represent major media outlets, trade professionals and industry leaders for whom our custom platform is designed to give them the cutting edge to lead.

Pre-Registration Requests:

The following information is required for processing booth requests. The exhibitors must be associated with the Agro business, Textile Business, Tourism and Culture promoting the regions of focus. Support service providers such as manufacturers of equipment and processes, logistical and supply chains will be considered for the trade only exhibition days of November 27, 2015 on a limited space basis.

The design and culinary platforms are created to attract media and exposure to the companies being showcased and to cultivate a sustainable business model by nurturing and developing excellence in the textile industry and agro food industry.

EXHIBITOR SERVICES will follow registration requests.

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