What if you realized that the true key to satisfaction and success lies in the health of your brain?  What are those qualities that determine homeostasis and a balanced life?  The ability to maintain warm and enriched relationships, pursuing goal oriented success, a creative and happy mind, and the ability to enjoy life and relax enjoying life's all encompassing experiences and pleasures.  In v... Read More
The Emirates Palace was the perfect setting for the global launch of Gold-to-go.  This luxury 7-star hotel and resort, the second only 7-star hotel next to the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, is a lavish destination where one can expect an enriching experience. Worth its weight in gold, ATM-- dispensing hard currency in the form of gold bars.... Read More
With the body's olfactive impression acting as the brain's strongest memory function, perhaps our perceptions can be essence-ly directed.  Whether it's a search for more effective means of advertising, customer satisfaction, or personal charisma, what signature brands can imprint with their audience can be shaped with essential essences of nature.... Read More