Danube River Trade Expedition ~ A ROOK Media Trade Initiative ~ November 5-14, 2019


The greatest value that trade with with other cultures brings, is the exchange of culture. During Marco Polo’s travels, it was philosophy that inspired the arts, religion and language, and technology advanced science and architecture. All through the act of merchants of different countries trading commercial goods to one another.

“Without stones there is no arch”  ~  Marco Polo

ROOK Media welcomes you to join our trade focused cruise along the Danube River this fall. Our adventure begins in Nuremberg, Germany seeking new trade routes in the spirit of Marco Polo with highlights in culture and tradition along the way.

This Danube River Trade Expedition is for business trade and expansion. It will define a country strategy through this Expedition and upcoming events with opportunities through a collaborative platform for businesses that lead towards sustainable development, equitable economic growth for its people enabling cultures to thrive. Everything from the infrastructure required to connect the regions from the Asia Pacific through Europe, India, and Africa, targeting approximately 70% of the world’s fastest growing populations, are part of our strategy to link businesses with opportunities with businesses looking to collaborate, fund and work together with purpose.

Meet with officials and businesses, network and be a part of the Danube River Trade Expedition.

Danube River Cruise Route

Fleet Deck Plans and Staterooms