Jinqiao International Market Cluster

The Jinqiao Food Market and Department Mall form an important part of the Jinqiao International Market Cluster. The cluster is located within the heart of Xiangjiang’s New District, the 12th national level new urban district in China. China Investment Business Alliance of Canada (CIBAC), a Canadian Trade and Investment focus group included this stop on the October/November 2018 Trade delegation to Changsha, visiting Jinqiao, and realizing new development and progress in the region.

The Xiangjang New Area carries two core functions: first, to further Changsha’s growth to support a city population of 10 million; second, to support Changsha’s Internationalization by developing its status as the major International trade logistics hub in mid China.

The Jinqiao International Market Cluster’s key focus is to fulfill its functions in trade logistics and modern services. The project is surrounded by four state-level industrial parks with an output value occupying 60% of the provincial total. The total investment is estimated at RMB 60 billion. Traffic and road infrastructure around the project is fully developed, including five expressways and two general-speed railways, that pass through the center of Jinqiao International Market.

Both the Food Market and Department Mall have taken innovative initiatives to spark new business models and ideas for sustainability aiming to attract International companies. As such the delegates are centered around developing a presentation platform for collaboration to support International business there.

The Jinqiao Transportation Hub is nearby, equipped with four high-speed train lines, four inter-city lines, two subways, two meglev lines and two bus centres to streamline efficiencies in logistical requirements.

In 2018, Jinqiao Food Market and Department Mall launched the Gourmet Creator Project. This project’s aim was to integrate smart technology into its’ on-line promotion to release its unique projects and popularity boosters generated by well-known catering training institutions and incubation resources from their joint training programmes.

The brainchild of this new innovative platform is the Jinqiao Food Market and Department Mall. It provides core positioning and landing plan, supplemented by the local government featuring preferential investment policies.